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Flaming vase
Flaming vase
Bondage vase
Weather sphere
Flaming Vase
many edges
Mushroom Earrings


Glass is amorphic material, and i compare it to music because possibilities of shaping both are infinite.

Glass gets stiff when it gets cold and pours like honey when its hot.

You work it somewhere there between, make the art you before havent seen!

Theres no limits shaping this magical material, either hot either cold, considering your mind and creativity.

So, where all started? 

Nuutajärvi glass village, the oldest glass village in Finland! Thats the place Kaski got in touch of the glass first time. Since that hes creativity started to bloom, and lots of nice work were blown. Glass took him to more interesting and interesting places, like Riihimäki, wheres the Finlands glass museum,  Dalsbruck, France and New Zealand, where some swedish style glass was made.

Working with many different glass masters has developed the understanding towards glass deeply.

The adventure has brought him also to Sweden, to learn more secrets of glass in Riksglasskolan, national school of glass and presently working in Kosta Glassfactory with respected workshop 12 that produce art glass.



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